JUMP! ft milk child

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About The Artist


Rapper/Audio Engineer

A.Rob is a unique musician. He has been writing, recording and engineering music (mainly Hip Hop) for over 8 years, and he's only 24! The young Palestinian-American musician was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a city that generally isn't known for it's music scene. To be surrounded by more musical opportunity, he relocated to Philadelphia in 2017 where he mastered and released two EP's : "Man of My WORD" and "WORD of Mouth" (available on all streaming platforms).

Since then, A.Rob has been working on 2 singles with Philadelphia Record Label : 'The Giving Groove' and independently completing his new mixtape simultaneously. Keep an eye out in 2018 for new singles by A.Rob and his new mixtape titled, "Spread The WORD" which will be available on all Major Streaming Platforms Friday, June 22!


WORD = War On Real Dreams